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Bourbonnais Elementary Schools report first ‘family unit’ infected due to ‘close contact’

BOURBONNAIS – Bourbonnais Elementary School District #53 reported Thursday afternoon a ‘family unit’ had been infected during the pandemic due to ‘close contact’ among individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.

It’s the first time such a connection has been reported after an individual had been diagnosed with connections with the school district.

“At this time, we believe this situation requires only five individuals to be defined as “close contacts” due to the details surrounding the timing of the situation and the individuals’ proximity to others,” said Superintendent Dr. Adam Ehrman Thursday night.

Dr. Ehrman did not specify the exact number of students or staff isolated at this time.

“Even with these cases today, our total number of individuals isolated from in-person instruction has reached its fourth lowest number to date.” the Superintendent added.

Those who had been reported as “close contact” have already received a separate notification from the district via phone.


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