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Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Over 5,100 COVID-19 cases in Kankakee remain active entering Christmas week

KANKAKEE – There are still more active than recovered cases in Kankakee.

Over half of all COVID-19 cases in Kankakee remained active as of Friday entering the holiday week this week. Of the 10,210 confirmed cases reported in the County, 5,130 cases remained active on Friday. A reported 4,937 residents have recovered from the Virus.

New cases this month are now averaging double digit reports.  The area is now reporting a daily average of 79 cases as of Friday.  A total of 1,428 new cases have been reported in Kankakee since December 1st.  

Friday night, Kankakee County Health Department officials reported an additional virus death, marking the 142nd in Kankakee County. 

Since December 1st, there have now been 24 COVID related deaths in the County.  Last month, the area saw 45 local deaths marking the single most for any month during the pandemic.

A new tool in the fight against COVID-19, the Moderna vaccine, is expected to begin going into arms Monday after the CDC approved the drug over the weekend.  The new vaccine can be stored at normal refrigeration temperatures and is expected to speed vaccination efforts nationwide.

Region 7 positivity was up again Sunday to 11.7%. Some 34,566 residents have recieved COVID-19 testing in the last week across the Region 7 in the last week, averaging nearly 5,000 new tests per day. Of those tested, 4,036 were positive.

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