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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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GameStop closes US stores after Execs tell workers to ignore COVID-19 safety

Gamestop has closed all US stores, starting today.

The retailer announced it would be moving to ‘delivery only’ starting March 22nd. Just days ago it deemed itself as an “essential business” and had instructed in a conference call for its staff at stores across the country to disregard what local and state officials were instructing them.

“Whatever you hear, make sure it’s from a valid source.” A GameStop corporate employee told employees via conference call, suggesting employees listen to the Federal Government instead and employees at the corporate level, rather than their local authorities in their back yard. The call was obtained by YouTuber CAMELOT331 who joined the call as it occurred.

In a letter to customers, GameStop CEO George Sherman said the company “will temporally stop customers’ access to storefronts” and would be processing orders on a “digital-only” basis. Like many restaurants across Illinois, curbside pickup will be available for consumers at local retail stores.


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