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Illinois COVID-19 tests, 21% result in ‘positive’ Seniors account for half all deaths

Illinois Department of Public Health reports 21% of all Illinois COVID-19 tests result in ‘positive’ with ages 70+ account for half of all deaths.

IDPH officials announced on Wednesday 116,929 COVID-19 tests had been taken in the State of Illinois, with 24,593 resulting is ‘positive’ results. 21% of all tests resulted in a positive since testing began in March in Illinois.

Among those tested, ages 50-59 lead the way with 25,782 total tests conducted, followed by ages 40-49 with 25,153 tests conducted and ages 30-39 with 24,768 tests conducted to date. Confirmed cases lead the same age ranking, with 19% of all tests conducted among ages 50-59 resulting in a positive case. Over 18% of all tests taken by age 40-49-year-olds came back positive for COVID-19 and 15% of all tested among ages 30-39 resulting in a positive case. 

Nearly half of all of Illinois 948 deaths came from residents ages 70 and up, accounting for 613 deaths. With 5 deaths in the State Illinois occurring among ages 29 and younger. 


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