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Infant died of two strains of Coronavirus, including COVID-19 in March

An autopsy of a 9-month-old Chicago boy shows the infant died after contracting two strains of coronavirus, including COVID-19.

Cook County medical examiners office announced the findings on Wednesday.

According to the medical examiner’s office, Joseph Myles died of two strains of coronavirus, NL-63 and COVID-19.  NL-63 was first discovered in late 2004 and is primarily found in young children.

The boy was pronounced dead on March 23rd at Mercy Hospital in Chicago after a family member had found the boy unresponsive.  His family had reported Joseph had a history of cold and cough.

During an autopsy, the boy’s lungs were found to be congested and firm, indicating the COVID-19 infection.  After performing swab tests, each came back with conflicting results according to the medical examiner’s office.

Swabs were later sent to the CDC which reported the findings of the two separate strands in samples taken from the boy.


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