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Sunday, July 3, 2022

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Iroquois County falls to 21 active known COVID-19 cases

Iroquois County Health Department officials added just four new cases of COVID-19 from June 7th to June 12th, making it one of the best weeks for the County to date in the battle against the pandemic.

News from the county has been limited.  The four new cases added to totals this week ranged in ages and genders including women in their 30s, 50s and 80s and a man  in his 70s.

Active cases in the county have fallen to 21 total.  The County has 111 of 137 cases since March that have since recovered.  Five have died.

Of the five deaths, four have been from residents of Ascension Presence Merkle Knipprath nursing home. That nursing home, located in Clifton, is accountable for 92% (44) of all cases registering in the Clifton area zip code.

Prairieview Lutheran Homes is also registering cases in the County and has stood at 3 cases. Both nursing homes are continued to be labeled as ‘OPEN’ cases by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

While cases remain predominately located in the Clifton (48), seven other zip codes are registering cases in Iroquois County, including Watseka (13), Onarga (13), Ashkum (9), Crescent City (7), Gilman (6), Danforth (6), and Beaverville (6).

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