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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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‘Probable Deaths’ from COVID begins publishing on the IDPH site

BOURBONNAIS – Illinois Department of Public Health quietly began the process of publishing ‘probable deaths’ from COVID-19 on their website this weekend.   The release came following a new contact tracing data portal being added Friday.

As of Saturday morning, the first time report showed 318 residents had succumbed to COVID-19 as a ‘probable death’. 

It came at the end of a long week were Illinois not only saw record cases statewide pass 10,000 in a single-day for the first time, but the state surpassed the 10,000 death mark as well.  Last week, 19 new deaths were announced in Will County with 5 new deaths announced in Kankakee.

Late Friday, it was announced Gov. Prtizker himself was once again in isolation for possible COVID exposure.  Tests results are expected to be released soon.


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