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Worst GDP Report Ever: U.S. Economy Drops 32.9%

COVID-19 has triggered the sharpest economic decline in modern American history, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

The gross domestic product (GDP) a measure of overall economic activity for a country, shrank at an annual rate of 32.9% during the second quarter. Most restaurants, retailers and others had to close their doors in an effort to stop COVID-19 in it’s tracks. So far the virus has killed over 150,000 people, including former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain (R).

The decline was three times higher than the previous record, 10% back in 1958, and four times worse than the Great Recession.

After economic news and the death of the former Republican presidential candidate that attended Trump’s controversial Tulsa during a pandemic rally today, Trump to suggested delaying the 2020 election…due to voter fraud concerns.

Trump is trailing nationally by double digest in most states.

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