Celebrating 33 Years: The Day SUE the Tyrannosaurus Rex Emerged from History’s Depths


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CHICAGO, IL — Three decades ago, in a remote corner of South Dakota, paleontologist Sue Hendrickson stumbled upon the scientific discovery that would forever change our understanding of the prehistoric world. Today, we celebrate the 33rd anniversary of her groundbreaking find: the world’s most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, affectionately known as SUE.

With unyielding dedication and a meticulous touch, Hendrickson unearthed approximately 250 of the 380 known bones that make up this remarkable T. rex specimen. The sheer completeness of the skeleton, constituting an astounding 90% of its bone volume, has allowed researchers to unlock a wealth of knowledge about these awe-inspiring creatures that once roamed our planet.

SUE has become more than just a fossil; it’s a window into the distant past, offering insights into the lives of tyrannosaurs and their role in the ancient ecosystem. Scientists from around the globe have pored over SUE’s remains, extracting data about their growth rate, movement patterns, and behaviors. This mighty predator, with its razor-sharp teeth and towering presence, has provided a treasure trove of information that continues to captivate and intrigue experts and enthusiasts alike.

Beyond its significance in the realm of paleontology, SUE has also reshaped our understanding of theropods and their place in the North American Cretaceous landscape. The story told by SUE’s bones stretches back millions of years, painting a vivid portrait of a time when giants walked the Earth and nature’s balance teetered on a delicate edge.

As we celebrate the “Unearth Day” of SUE, let us not only applaud the incredible discovery itself but also recognize the unwavering spirit of scientific inquiry that drives us to uncover the secrets of our planet’s history. Happy Unearth Day, SUE, you are indeed the world’s oldest and most captivating Leo, dazzling us with your ancient charm.


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