Safety Concerns Rise Among Illinois Parents Over High School “Senior Assassin” Game


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Arlington Heights, IL – As springtime approaches, a popular game known as “Senior Assassin” gains momentum among high school seniors across Illinois, leading to increased safety concerns among parents and law enforcement agencies. 

The game, involving students eliminating each other with water guns to be the last one standing, is played across various communities, including residential areas and public parks, outside of school hours.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Arlington Heights Police Department, have expressed concerns over the game’s potential to alarm community members and the risks associated with carrying water guns that closely resemble real firearms. Incidents of significant police responses to reports of individuals carrying what appeared to be guns through residential neighborhoods underscore the potential for dangerous misunderstandings.

Parents are being urged to have conversations with their children about the serious implications of participating in the game, particularly the risks of openly carrying squirt guns that look like real weapons and entering private property without permission. 

With the rising number of individuals possessing Concealed Carry Licenses in Illinois, there’s an increased chance of a tragic misunderstanding. The goal of law enforcement agencies is to ensure the safety of all community members by raising awareness about the unintended consequences of the “Senior Assassin” game. 

They request students to exercise caution and common sense and remind residents to report any unusual activity by calling 9-1-1, without automatically associating it with the game. Through education and dialogue, parents, students, and law enforcement hope to mitigate the risks associated with this annual tradition, ensuring a safe environment for everyone involved.


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