Frankfort Police Promote Essential Helplines During Mental Health Awareness Month


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Frankfort, IL – In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Frankfort Police Department is actively promoting access to vital helpline services, ensuring community members know that support is readily available.

Highlighting three key contact numbers, the initiative aims to provide immediate assistance for various needs: 211 for information and referrals to community resources, 988 for urgent suicide intervention and crisis support, and 911 for emergency situations requiring immediate response.

This campaign is part of a broader effort to facilitate easy access to mental health resources and essential services, emphasizing that no one should hesitate to seek help. The 211 service connects callers with numerous local assistance options, including housing, healthcare, and utility support, while 988 serves as a critical lifeline for those facing severe mental health crises. Meanwhile, 911 remains the go-to for any immediate, life-threatening emergencies.

By circulating this information through social media and community outreach, the Frankfort Police Department hopes to destigmatize seeking help and encourage individuals to utilize these resources whenever necessary. The message is clear: support is always available, and it is okay not to be okay.


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