Bloomington, IN – Scam Alert: Fraudulent Legal Threats Pose as fake ‘Order of Arrest’ in Indiana


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Bloomington, IN – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department has alerted residents of an ongoing scam involving sophisticated fraudulent legal threats masquerading as official State of Indiana documents. 

According to the alert, scammers are distributing fake ‘Order of Arrest’ notices, which demand residents to appear in court or face remand for failing to comply. These notices are crafted with deceptive precision, featuring official seals and formatting that mirror genuine legal documents, intensifying concerns for potential victims. The Sheriff’s Department’s announcement, disseminated through their social media channels, emphasizes that the notices come with a request for personal information and immediate payment to avoid arrest.

The fraudulent documents include details such as bail amounts and court addresses, creating a facade of legitimacy. Residents are cautioned against engaging with such notices and are instructed to contact the Sheriff’s Department to verify the authenticity of any legal summons received via phone or mail. The department has also provided educational resources on identifying such scams, underscoring their commitment to public safety and the importance of community awareness in preventing victimization by fraudulent operations.


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