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Alert citizens in Pontiac save lives of two people while passing fire

PONTIAC – Alert citizens passing by a residence that was on fire ended up saving the lives of two people inside Sunday evening.

According to the Pontiac Fire Department, it happened sometime around 5 pm when unknown individuals passing a residence that was on fire. The citizens began pounding on the door of 318 W. South St before one entered the building to find two residents inside asleep. The unknown individuals were able to get both residents outdoors to safety.

Pontiac firefighters arrived on the scene shortly after and quickly extinguished the blaze before the Pontiac Fire Department Investigation Unit arrived to investigate the fire’s cause and origin.

The Pontiac Fire Department is in the process of trying to find out more information on the courageous acts of the citizens and plan to recognize them at a later date.

We’ve reached out to the Pontiac Fire Department for additional information and will continue to follow this story.

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