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BBCHS families to get refunds for canceled Disney World trip

A tradition for the band students of Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School is traveling to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. over Spring Break. That tradition was halted this year due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The music department at BBCHS worked with Bob Rogers Travel, a student group performance travel agency located in Naperville in order to send over 300 students to Disney World. BBCHS Superintendent Scott Wakeley has been working with the travel agency to secure a rebate for the BBCHS band family. “Parents will be getting a 95 percent rebate for out-of-pocket expenses,” said Wakeley.

This band trip is just one of the memorable events that have been canceled this year due to Coronavirus. “It’s certainly heartbreaking. This is my thirtieth year in education, and my eighteenth year as Superintendent. These are the events that students, faculty and families experience,” said Wakeley. “To see that diminished and/or canceled all together, it’s like we’re missing a sense of closure for our kids. They left one day in March, and they never came back.”

“With the work we did with graduation, students felt pretty good about it, but obviously they would’ve liked to have a regular one,” said Wakeley. “I hope that when they get to be my age and they look back, they’ll say, wow that was really something but we ended up being okay. It’s gonna take some time.”

Nikki Moore, of Bourbonnais, is the parent of a student in the BBCHS Band program. “Our family is waiting positively, patiently and hopefully on our refund because we feel the school district is still working on our behalf to secure as much as they can,” said Moore.

“I’m happy that we’ve been able to secure 95 percent of the out-of-pocket expenses,” said Wakeley. “We know that our families are hurting right now with the current economic climate. It took more time than we thought and it was complex, but I’m happy we were able to get a successful resolution for our families.”

NOTE: Kiera Allen is an employee at Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School.


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  1. I’m surprised you do not work with a local travel agency that supports your fundraising efforts & the local economy. I am happy you were able to get funds returned but disappointed all the same.


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