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Bakers Square in Bourbonnais suddenly closed

Bakers Square in Bourbonnais is now closed.

The company sent out an email to longtime customers regarding the closure this week. 

The Bakers Square located at 1315 Armour Rd in Bourbonnais suddenly closed this week.  The location has also been removed from their company website.

Earlier this year, owner Blue Ribbon Holdings in Nashville announced it would close several restaurants when it filed for bankruptcy.

“The company believes the reorganization will facilitate the company’s Village Inn and Bakers Square restaurant brands’ evolution to a healthy core of restaurants and support an approach to the brands that is most beneficial for all stakeholders,” American Blue Ribbon Holdings said at the time in news release. “As part of the reorganization, the company will explore a variety of strategic and structural initiatives to best position the company for success in the future.”

American Blue Ribbon Holdings had 159 Village Inn restaurants and 22 company-owned Bakers Square locations. It also owns Legendary Baking, which makes more than 75% of sales to third-party customers.

The Kankakee County location first opened in 1993. The nearest Bakers Square is now Orland Park, 28 miles away.

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