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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Bike riders continue attempts at ransacking cars in Kankakee County

KANKAKEE COUNTY – Reports of biker riders allegedly ransacking cars continues throughout Kankakee County with multiple incidents being reported through video via the Neighbors App over the last 48 hours.

At least five separate videos have been posted to the app reporting such behavior in the County during the time.  Each incident posted throughout the county includes an alleged attempt at a ransacking with bike riders approaching an unfamiliar area, biking away after a security precaution such as a motion sensor light is activated.

Recent areas of activity include Blatt Subdivision in Bradley and Jeffers Park in Kankakee. One neighbor reported a person in a mask riding up to their front porch before jetting off into the night, while another reported having change and a knife stolen from a vehicle.

The incidents have been reported to local police.

Nationwide reports smash-and-grab thieves are more casual opportunists than criminal masterminds.  The company advises you keep valuables out of sight and never leave things lying out on seats, dashboards or floors overnight to avoid possible ransacking.

For more tips and tricks, visit their website here.

A close of one of the alleged attempted robbers. [Photo: Ring]


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