Bourbonnais Deputy Chief calls recent violence “concerning” but stresses “isolated incidents” 


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BOURBONNAIS – Deputy Chief Dave Anderson addressed recent crimes in the area in recent weeks during Monday night’s village board meeting, calling the latest violence in the community a concern, but stressed they are isolated incidents.

“We are concerned,” the Deputy Chief said Monday night, “We have not seen this type of violence in years and so much so close together.”

The latest violence include multiple domestic abuse situations include a domestic homicide last week and a case where a woman had over 30 rounds shot at her as she pulled into her driveway on Heritage Drive last Wednesday.

“Three big events, they are isolated, and we say isolated and people comment about that.  It’s because our investigations into it, it’s certain people were targeted.” Anderson explained.  “It wasn’t just somebody running done the street shooting off a gun.  There are particular people they were aiming for.”

Anderson stressed the Department is being pro active, taking action to make sure more officers are more visible through the community.

“Mainly making sure that we have enough staffing on the streets at all times, but being pro active, stopping cars that are suspicious in nature, being visible throughout the neighborhoods is a big part of it.  If we can hire more officers that would be great in the future. We just hired the one.  We’ve never had 27 officers before, so this will be nice to get another one out there just to add to our normal staffing.” Anderson said.


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