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Bradley Citizens United ask residents to stand ‘Bradley Strong’ in April 2021

BRADLEY – A new political party has emerged to challenge the current village Administration in Bradley this April. During an online press conference last night, Bradley Citizens United was unveiled.  County Recorder of Deeds and former Bradley Trustee Lori Gadbois announced her candidacy for Mayor. 

Gadbois said the village is currently on an ‘Island’ and up for sale under the current Administration.

“For the past 20 months, or so, our Village has not been transparent.  They are not working in tandem with the surrounding community, or the County as a whole. They are threatening lawsuits, not willing to cooperate.  They are removing our community from any regional opportunity.  We are up for sale. An island where the current administration would prefer to put a wall up around the village, than to work together.” Gadbois said.

Gadbois urged a desire to put politics aside in an effort to unite the community.

“We need to leverage partnerships for the benefit of Bradley families.  We should not be burning bridges.  We need to restore, respect and integrity,” Gadbois said Thursday.  “Bradley Citizens United was created because there are a lot of us who don’t want this either. We are a collective group of individuals who may have identified in the past with a particular political party.  But because we put our community before our politics, we want to be Bradley strong and Bradley proud again.”

Pro-Tem Mayor Mike Watson was appointed to the Mayor’s seat in May 2019 after Bradley Mayor Bruce Adams stepped down citing health issues.  Watson had lost two previous attempts to win the Bradley mayor seat in 2013 and 2017. 

Since the appointment, the Progressive Citizens Party have made a number of actions in the village, including the purchase of the Men’s Carson’s Store at Northfield Square Mall for $1.1 million prior to the pandemic. Additionally hiring a development team from Chicago for $120,000 to come up with a concept for the space.

Joining Gadbois on the Bradley Citizens United ticket are Clark Gregoire running for Clerk. Jeff Hackley, Erika McGrath and Bob Redmond, will all run for trustees spots. 

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