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Drone Delivery patent marks historic moment for the future of service

Flirtey, founded in 2013, has been granted a critical patent for the safe and precise drone delivery of packages.  

The patent granted involves a tether that is used to secure a package in the air and retracting it upon final delivery. Flirtey invented this method of delivery to be the safest and most precise, and since has become a standard for the drone delivery industry.

“We are thrilled that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Flirtey another patent that is fundamental to safe and precise drone delivery. This is not pie in the sky; this is the foundation of safe delivery and/or pickup of packages from the sky,” said Matthew Sweeny, Flirtey Founder, and CEO. “Flirtey’s drone delivery technology is now an industry-standard in America.”

During the drone’s first legal delivery in the United States last July, Flirtey received special approval to conduct the test that brought a payload of medicine to a remote pop-up health clinic in rural Virginia. The future service is expected to be invaluable to the health industry, including services like organ transplant delivery. 

“Soon, Flirtey delivery drones in the sky will be as common as delivery trucks on the road – and medical delivery, food delivery, retail delivery and eCommerce delivery will be changed forever.” The company says on its website.

Drone delivery service is expected to reduce shipping costs dramatically in the future. Both Google’s Wing X and Amazon Prime Air are both competitors in the developing market.


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