Chicago, IL – Celebrating an Extra Day: 2024 Marks Leap Year 


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Chicago, IL – As February unfolds, the Midwest gears up to embrace a unique quirk of the calendar – Leap Year 2024. This astronomical anomaly bestows an extra day upon us, February 29, a phenomenon occurring every four years.

According to the Gregorian calendar, a Leap Year is added to align our calendar year with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. It takes approximately 365.25 days for Earth to complete one orbit. To compensate for this quarter-day discrepancy, an extra day is added to the calendar every four years, making the year 366 days long instead of the usual 365.

Leap Years hold a special place in history and culture, from traditions like proposing marriage on February 29, to its significance in synchronizing the calendar year with the seasons. This year, communities across Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin can look forward to unique celebrations, special events, and perhaps a few extra-special marriage proposals.

As we mark this Leap Year, it serves as a reminder of the fascinating interplay between our human-made systems and the natural world. So, in 2024, enjoy your ‘extra’ day – whether it’s for a special event, a rare celebration, or just an additional 24 hours to relish life in the Midwest. 


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