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Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief fund hands out free disinfectant in Manteno

First Baptist Church in Manteno has partnered with Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief in order to distribute free disinfectant to all who needs it during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We have quite a lot of disinfectant,” said Pastor David Peterman, of First Baptist Church. “Along with families and households, if schools, churches, businesses and other organizations need it, we can help.”

Butch Easter, Manteno resident and deacon at First Baptist Church, has been working with Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief organization for 14 years.

“We have enough disinfectant to make 1,800 gallons,” said Easter. “If we have more, we’re going to give away more during another week. If I run out, I’ll make a call to my organization in Springfield and they’ll give me more. We’re also giving away masks.” Those masks can be machine washed up to 15 times.

They also have a mass-feeding trailer that can feed up to 5,000 people. “We’ll probably be setting that up in September to do a mass-feeding here in town,” said Easter.

There are no restrictions as to who can get disinfectant. First Baptist Church does ask that you bring your own container. The disinfectant is not hand sanitizer. It is chlorine disinfectant cleaner.

“Normally we’re out in hurricanes and tornadoes, but we feel that our mission now is to do blue sky events,” said Easter. “Hurricanes and Tornadoes are called gray sky events because you’re in there for people that are hurting. Here, we’re trying to help people feel better.”

Saturday is the last day to get free disinfectant from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. First Baptist Church is located at 300 E. Third St. in Manteno.

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