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Black Lives Matter protest in Bourbonnais scheduled for noon Saturday

The protest will take around 7 hours, taking the march down 8 miles of Kankakee roadways in the area

A protest for Black Lives Matter will be held tomorrow at noon in Bourbonnais.

Maria Isabel Calderon, who has organized tomorrow’s event, has been in contact with local police who will be escorting the group safely through proposed checkpoints. 

“The route has been planned and changed a few times to keep those that are walking safe, to keep the children walking safe, and keep from blocking some traffic completely.” Calderon said Friday. “The police will also be there with us from start to finish, and we plan to pray before we go.”

Some police will be walking with the group as well.  Bradley and Kankakee Police have also been notified and will be assisting in Saturday’s march.

Calderon says she planned the protest because she wants her voice and others to be heard.

“Racism is a big problem in the world, but with the things that have been happening, it has broken my heart.  I love everybody, no matter what race/color/ethnicity.  I organized this because I feel that if we were to come together as a community, even our voices can make a change…no matter how big or small.  I believe that the world needs to change and it can.” Calderon said Friday.

Volunteers will be working with the march to ensure the group stays hydrated.  During last weekend’s march of a similar scale, some protesters had scares with dehydration with one member of the group coming to a halt in Bradley near North Street.  An ambulance was called for but the protester was able to return to the group without incident.

Checkpoints will be set up for marchers to stay hydrated along the route.  The proposed route will take the group from down Route 45 in Bourbonnais to east on Broadway, to South Schuyler to East Court Street.  The group with reach the Courthouse and turn around, deviating on the return going down Brookmont in Kankakee before returning to Route 45.

Protesters will gather at the Goodwill parking lot around noon tomorrow before the march begins.  The march will take protesters through Bourbonnais, Bradley and Kankakee.  Organizers estimate the event will take around 7 hours. 

The proposed route is just under 8 miles. A similar march last weekend ran just over 7 hours from start to finish.

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  1. “Black Lives Matter” protesters that block traffic SHOULD BE ARRESTED!! Why are our police not doing their jobs?


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