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Illinois lawmakers move on at-home liquor delivery

(The Center Square) – Illinoisans are closer to at-home liquor delivery after state lawmakers made proposed legislation that would allow it to be one of the first measures considered in the lame duck session. 

The House Executive Committee forwarded the bill to the House Floor Friday.

If enacted, the bill would make the rules guiding home delivery of alcohol uniform across the state, and create a third-party facilitator license. Alec Laird, Vice President of government relations with the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, said home delivery has exploded amid the pandemic.

“This is something that helps your mom-and-pop retailers and your consumers,” Laird said.

Danielle D’Alessandro, executive director of the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild, said small craft brewers are being left out, thus disadvantaged.

“This is the second liquor delivery bill now that excludes the ability of small brewers and distillers to be able to deliver and ship to consumers in Illinois,” D’Alessandro said.

The committee also passed a bill amending the Election Code, which provides that no candidate for President or Vice President of the United States shall appear on the ballot without providing their tax returns.

The Workplace Transparency Act was also passed. It would prohibit an employer from entering into a contract with an employee that contains a nondisclosure clause that covers harassment or discrimination, including sexual harassment. It also required the Department of Human Rights to adopt a model sexual harassment prevention training program for use by employers.

The Illinois House returned to Springfield for the first time since May at an alternate location because of COVID-19 concerns. They will be in session through Wednesday to complete the 101st General Assembly.

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