Illinois Man Behind Bars: 2021 Charger Engine Found Inside Decade-Old Chrysler


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St. Anne, Illinois – An astonishing turn of events has led to the arrest of an Illinois man, sending shockwaves through the community. 

Oshay L Robicheaux, a 23-year-old resident of St. Anne, now finds himself behind bars after a perplexing discovery involving an alleged stolen 2021 Charger engine found inside a decade-old Chrysler 300.

The Tri-County auto theft task force, which has been diligently working to combat the rising tide of auto thefts in the area, managed to crack the case after a relentless pursuit led them to Robicheaux, who was apprehended during an unrelated visit to the Kankakee County Courthouse earlier this week.

The sheer audacity of the alleged crime has left authorities and residents alike stunned. How a modern 2021 Charger engine ended up under the hood of a 2011 Chrysler 300, a decade-old vehicle, has raised questions that are yet to be answered. The Charger’s engine, along with vital transmission components, was reported stolen earlier this year from University Park.

Currently held at the Jerome Combs Detention Center, Robicheaux is awaiting a bond hearing that will determine his immediate future.


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