Illinois Man Charged with Attempted Murder of Two Seniors Released Ahead of Trial


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Oregon, IL – An 18-year-old from Mt. Morris, Illinois, Malachi M. Voight, was released under the Pre-Trial Fairness Act this week following a detention hearing in Ogle County court. Voight faced serious allegations, including attempted first-degree murder and aggravated battery against two senior citizens, stemming from a February 14 incident at Mt. Morris Estates Trailer Park.

The Ogle County Sheriff’s Department and Mt. Morris Police Department initially responded to the disturbance in the early morning, where Voight was reportedly engaged in a physical altercation with two household members. Both seniors sustained serious injuries and were transported to KSB Hospital in Dixon for treatment. Voight also required medical attention and was taken to the hospital. 

Upon his release from the hospital on February 27, Voight was arrested and held without bond until his recent court appearance. The case has garnered attention due to Voight’s release under the Pre-Trial Fairness Act, highlighting discussions around pre-trial procedures in cases involving violent allegations.


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