Illinois Stands at a Crossroads: Secretary of State Defends Library Freedom in Metropolis


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Metropolis, Illinois – Across Illinois, a story unfolding in Metropolis has captured the state’s attention and ignited a statewide conversation about the fundamental rights at the core of our democracy. The dismissal of three Metropolis Public Library District Board trustees has not only shocked the local community but also raised alarms about the broader implications for free speech and the freedom to read.

Alexi Giannoulias, Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian, has emerged as a vocal champion in this controversy, delivering a powerful statement that resonates beyond the boundaries of Metropolis. Giannoulias warns of a dangerous precedent, where the suppression of ideas and retaliatory actions against public servants threaten to undermine the democratic values we hold dear.

The controversy is rooted in a divisive rhetoric that labels book-banning opponents as “Evil,” “the Enemy,” and even “Satan,” alongside harbingers of violence and moral decline. Such extreme language, according to Giannoulias, endangers not just the unity of Metropolis but also poses a stark challenge to communities across Illinois.

Giannoulias’s call to action is clear: Illinoisans must stand together in defense of our constitutional right to read, free from censorship or intimidation. His defense of the ousted trustees underscores a belief in a society where the exchange of ideas is encouraged, not quelled.

This pivotal moment for Metropolis is a rallying point for all of Illinois. It’s a reminder of the vigilance required to protect our liberties and the collective responsibility we share in fostering an informed and open society. Giannoulias’s stance is not just about a local library board but reflects a statewide imperative to uphold the principles of freedom and democracy for all.


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