Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities to See Weekend Storms After Warm Weather


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Quad Cities, IA/IL – Residents of the Quad Cities can expect a mix of warm weather and storms this weekend as temperatures gradually rise.

According to the US National Weather Service Quad Cities, today’s forecast features sunny skies with highs ranging from 72 to 77°F. This pleasant weather is expected to continue into Friday morning, but conditions will change by the afternoon. Increasing clouds will bring rain and thunderstorms by Friday evening, with temperatures peaking between 74 and 80°F.

The stormy weather is anticipated to extend into Saturday morning. Early risers may encounter rain and thunderstorms, though these are expected to clear by midday. Saturday’s high temperatures will be slightly cooler, ranging from 73 to 78°F.

Sunday promises to bring warmer conditions, with sunny skies and highs between 80 and 84°F. However, the weather service warns of the possibility of isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Residents should be prepared for shifting weather patterns and potential storms from Friday evening through Saturday morning. It’s advisable to stay updated with the latest weather reports and take necessary precautions, particularly if planning outdoor activities.


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