Iowa Police Warn of Faux Publishers Clearing House Scam: Bettendorf Residents Targeted by Fraudulent Letters


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Bettendorf, IA – The Bettendorf Police Department in Iowa has sounded the alarm on a scam involving counterfeit Publishers Clearing House prize notifications. The scam, which has been reported by several Bettendorf residents, involves fake letters and checks purporting to be from the renowned sweepstakes organization. 

According to a recent police advisory on social media, these letters congratulate recipients on winning large sums of money but are, in reality, a ruse to defraud individuals. The included checks, while bearing convincing details such as watermarks, are bogus and part of the scam to trick individuals into paying for taxes or fees on a prize that does not exist. The Iowa police are actively cautioning people against engaging with the senders of these fraudulent letters or depositing the checks. They underscore the importance of remaining alert and reporting such deceptive practices to the authorities. 

The Bettendorf Police Department’s alert also serves as a wider call to awareness, as similar scams have been reported across the country. Efforts are being intensified to track down the perpetrators and prevent further incidents, with a focus on protecting residents from financial harm and preserving the integrity of legitimate sweepstakes competitions.


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