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Sunday, July 3, 2022

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Kankakee lifts ‘stay-at-home’ order, Watseka asks residents to stay home

The Kankakee Sheriff’s Department has lifted a temporary stay-at-home order put in place earlier this afternoon following protests and reports of looting by the Sheriff.

The order lasted for just over three hours.

“Law enforcement agencies throughout Kankakee County will maintain a large police presence for the time being and will continue to monitor any gatherings that arise.” said the Kankakee Sheriff’s Department this evening in a statement.

The statement went on to claim the office had received no reports of any looting, despite earlier in the day releasing such a report at the Department level.  Later video surfaced on social media of alleged looters at Northfield Square Mall in Bradley.

That report lead to businesses across the County to close their doors.

Today’s protests began earlier this morning in Bourbonnais and ended around 6pm tonight.

Elsewhere, cities across the area deal with protests across Illinois in their own ways.

“The Watseka Police Department and the Iroquois County Sheriffs Department is asking that residents stay home tonight as a precautionary measure.” said Watseka Police late tonight.

Meanwhile in Orland Park, a State of Emergency has been declared and a curfew put in place for 9 pm tonight.

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