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Kankakee Students learn lessons of support as Kindergarten Teacher battles Cancer

Class’s Official Motto: We’re Not Scared. We’re Prepared! #ThisIsCancer

“Does it tickle?” A student asked on Tuesday as Steuben Dual Language Kindergarten Teacher Rose Bailey gets a haircut.

“Yeah, kinda.” She replies with a cringe while fellow Teacher, Chuck Lawrence carefully shaves her head. “Don’t cut my head. Just don’t cut my head.” She warns him with caution.

It’s just another day at Steuben Elementary in Kankakee.

Last December, Bailey was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She was told she would have to undergo six rounds of chemo with one treatment every three weeks. Following nearly five months of treatment, mastectomy surgery follows.

Since then her students and colleagues have shown her support every step of the way. In a move of solidarity, Mr. Lawrence revealed to the class he too had shaved his head before the haircut.

“I had told a couple people I was considering doing it and they encouraged me to do it. It’ll make Ms. Bailey feel better.” Mr. Lawrence said when asked if he had told anyone of his plan before becoming a barber for a day.

“I can see why people go to school for this,” Lawrence said while adjusting his trimmers.

A GoFundMe and Facebook Group called “Grey for Rose” has been set up in the name of Ms. Bailey. So far the Grey for Rose GoFundMe has raised $2,100 of it’s $10,000 goal:

“As support for Rose, I am asking that we ditch our hair color, go grey and support Rose.  Take the money for your hair color, cuts, styles, and excessive hair products and give back to HER.  We all worry about beauty.  Weather the storm with Rose.  Take a step beyond and love yourself no matter what your hair looks like.” writes Amy Lee Grey, the organizer of the page for Ms. Bailey.

“As a token of your donation, you will be sent a grey & pink ribbon (with a rose in the center to wear for the 25 weeks we support Rose.  Please send an email to Amy with your mailing address.  I also ask that you post your before and after hair pictures on our support FaceBook page “Grey for Rose”.  If you are already grey, maybe so bald, maybe cut back on hairspray, just join us!” Grey says.

You can find links to both above and watch the haircut for yourself here.

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