Coronavirus mutates creating two versions of strand as 10th U.S. Death announced


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Coronavirus evolves into aggressive strand, creating two versions of the virus 

Researchers at Peking University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai had discovered the Coronavirus has evolved into two major lineages. An ‘L-type’ and ‘S-type’ versions of the strand.

Earlier today it was announced a 10th individual had died in the U.S. carrying the virus.

The the ‘S-type’ version of the virus appears to be a milder and less infection version of the virus. While the newly named ‘L-type’ spreads quickly and accounts for roughly 70 percent of all cases.

A man tested here in the States on January 21st was show to be infected with both types of the strand.

The news comes just days after health experts overseas shows worries of possible multiple waves of the virus leading to fears any vaccines would not work on future mutated strands.


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