Spinosaurus to “Hang Out” Above Visitors at the Field Museum in Chicago Starting in June


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CHICAGO, IL – Get ready to look to the ceiling as the Field Museum unveils its latest attraction, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, soaring high above visitors beginning in June. This remarkable discovery, a result of extensive research and a lightweight Italian casting, promises to mesmerize guests with its awe-inspiring presence.

Spinosaurus, the largest known predatory dinosaur, was a fearsome inhabitant of the rivers of North Africa some 95 million years ago. Unleashing its cone-shaped teeth and sturdy bones, akin to modern-day aquatic creatures like hippos and crocodiles, it reigned supreme as a semi-aquatic predator.

The Field Museum’s Spinosaurus exhibit is a result of meticulous work by Italian experts who created a lightweight casting based on fossils found in the Sahara Desert. The lightweight composition allows the casting to be suspended from the ceiling, creating a breathtaking spectacle for visitors.  

This groundbreaking creation is the culmination of extensive research conducted by Field Museum scientists Matteo Fabbri and Jingmai O’Connor in 2022. The study revealed remarkable insights into Spinosaurus’ dense bones, a feature resembling those of hippos or penguins. These dense bones played a vital role, enabling Spinosaurus to submerge itself underwater while pursuing its aquatic prey.

The Field Museum’s Spinosaurus exhibit offers a unique opportunity for visitors to witness the majesty of this ancient predator. Prepare to be captivated as Spinosaurus takes flight above the museum’s main hall, evoking its dominance over the prehistoric rivers of northern Africa.

Starting in June, guests will have the chance to witness this extraordinary sight for themselves. The Field Museum eagerly awaits the arrival of Spinosaurus, ready to transport visitors back in time and leave them in awe of this magnificent creature’s power and grace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the grandeur of Spinosaurus as it soars above the Field Museum. Mark your calendars for a truly unforgettable encounter with this ancient predator.

Spinosaurus at the Field Museum is part of the Griffin Dinosaur Experience, made possible by the generous support of Kenneth C. Griffin.


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