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KCCSI closes facility after staff test positive for COVID-19

Officials within Kankakee County Community Services Inc. have closed a facility that hosts a food pantry and other services through at least the end of the week after multiple staffers tested positive for the coronavirus.

The organization’s announcement, made official on its Facebook page, means the food pantry scheduled for Thursday, June 25, is not taking place. KCCSI staffers are working remotely while the facility is being cleaned.

Vince Clark, executive director of KCCSI, explained the circumstances in a video posted to Facebook Thursday morning.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had an incident where a couple of staff people have tested positive for COVID-19, and as a precautionary measure, we decided to close the facility,” Clark said in the message.

At a minimum, KCCSI’s facility at 657 E. Court St. in Kankakee will be closed through the end of the week, Clark said in the video post. Reopening Monday, June 29, is the tentative plan, he said, “if it is safe and appropriate.”

“We enjoy serving our community, but we also want to make sure that as we serve our community in this particular environment during the pandemic, we’re able to do it and keep everyone healthy and safe,” Clark said.

During the closure, Clark said KCCSI’s entire facility is being deep cleaned to tackle the virus.

“We have hired a company to come in and actually sanitize the entire building,” Clark explained it the post.

While residents who have come to rely on KCCSI for the food pantry and other vital assistance cannot enter the facility at this time, Clark said staffers are working virtually as the main facility is being sanitized.

Kankakee area residents in need of KCCSI’s assistance can still call the organization’s main phone number, 815-933-7883, and leave a voicemail message.

Messages in relation to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) can be shared at Ext. 211. Communication on employment services and Spanish-language assistance can be left at Ext. 212.

Additionally, residents in need of human services assistance can leave a voicemail at Ext. 214, weatherization at Ext. 218 and senior services at Ext. 222.

“Our staff will be checking the voicemail frequently,” Clark said.

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