Residential Solar Panels being offered in Bourbonnais door-to-door 


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Bourbonnais, Ill. – Residents of Bourbonnais were recently alerted by village officials that eEquals Solar has been going door-to-door soliciting services for solar energy. Village officials informed residents that the individuals who will be visiting homes from the company have successfully completed background checks required by the Bourbonnais Police Department for a solicitor’s permit.

The solicitors will be carrying a badge complete with a unique identification number issued by the Village of Bourbonnais. They must present this badge upon request. If a solicitor visits your home without a Village of Bourbonnais-issued identification, residents are encouraged to contact the Bourbonnais Police at 815-937-3579. This is in accordance with state law as soliciting in Illinois is legal as long as the applicant follows local government policy.

The Village of Bourbonnais is choosing to inform residents so they are aware of who is in their neighborhood. The fees charged for solicitor permits cover the cost of administration filing and background checks and are not revenue-generating income for the village.

eEquals Solar specializes in installing residential solar panels in Illinois, helping homeowners achieve energy independence without missing a beat. They have helped countless homeowners throughout the state of Illinois, including in the Greater St. Louis area, Springfield, Champaign, Decatur, Peoria, Marion, and Bloomington. Their rooftop solar technicians have trained extensively to understand the unique challenges that residential solar panels in Illinois can present.

The company’s retrofit rooftop solar services can help install residential solar panels on homes of all different makes, sizes, styles, and eras. They work with each customer to find a home solar installation solution that works for their property, whether they want solar panels on their roof or opt for ground-mounted solar panels.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Bourbonnais Police Department if they have any questions or concerns about the solicitation process.


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