The drive down to Bearbonnais (after 18 years in the town, I dare you to correct me) is a long one.  We totally get that you may not want to sit in traffic immediately afterward trying to break away North for the winter.

So, before you take a break for the county line, here are five free…or practically free…pit stops to help curb that anxiety and reclaim your energy for the long drive home.

Fishing at Willowhaven – Unless you’re a local, you’re probably thinking we’re full of it right now, but there are fully stocked ponds throughout Kankakee County filled with Bass, bluegills, and crappie fish.  Although it’s catch and release (all year long) it’s still a fantastic experience for a little later in the day.

Photo via Kankakee State Park Facebook Page

Bike Rides at State Park – So get this…you can drive down to Bourbonnais without a bike, and ride a bike!  How cool is that?  Thanks to Zagster and the Zagster app, you can rent a bike at a variety of locations.  Pay as you go (that’s $1 per ½ hour) or sign up for an annual membership if you’re planning on really taking a trip with your bike.  (*just keep it inside state lines, okay?)

Download the Zagster App

Blueberry Picking – Okay this one is a little bit of a stretch, but just up the road from Bourbonnais is Tammen Treeberry Farm.  Its address is Wilmington, but its blueberries are to die for…seriously stay hydrated!   Pick your own, swig some H20 and enjoy the countryside everyday between 8am-4:30 pm (closed Wednesdays and Sundays.)

The view inside Switch It Up Gaming Lounge in Bradley

Switch It Up! – There’s a gaming lounge in Kankakee?  Yep!  Fully stocked with everything from Mario to Madden, you’ll love the fact that your temporary living room is just outside of the Chicago Bears training camp.  Check out our full article here for more.

Momence Farm Museum – That’s right!  It’s the Country!  How could we not mention a farm museum? The Earl D. Schoeffner Farm Museum is equipped with vintage farm equipment on display, paying tribute to over 150 years of Momence farming!  Free admission, open Fridays and Saturdays from 10am-5pm.

. . .

Bonus! Exploralot Castle! – There will never be a red wedding at this castle, but there’s still a lot going on inside the Exploration Station! Exploralot is an oldie, but a goodie for the kids.


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