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New sewage and garbage rates hit Bourbonnais this month

Residents of Bourbonnais will see an increase on their monthly sewage and garage bills starting in August.  The increase, a result of increased sewer operating costs, will see a single-family home increase of around $6.50 per month.  The last time the village raised sewage rates was July 2017.

Costs on sewage and garage bills will go up on average $6.50 for a single family home per month, beginning this month.

According to the Village of Bourbonnais, the cost of the increase is due to a 36% rise in sewer operating costs combined with the Village of Bourbonnais’ 30% portion of the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KRMA) plant rebuild, which totaled $71 million dollars in 2012.

KRMA treats all wastewater for Bourbonnais, Bradley, Kankakee and Aroma Park combined.  Beneficiaries of the facility are responsible for their repayment vs. the portion of their use.

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