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New Lenox Fire Foundation Donates Eighteen Thermal Imaging Cameras to New Lenox Fire Protection District

(May 30, 2019) – Recently, the New Lenox Fire Foundation donated eighteen thermal imaging cameras to the New Lenox Fire Protection District (NLFPD).

The new handheld thermal imaging cameras (TIC) allow the firefighters to fight fires smarter and safer. The TICs will visualize hazards invisible to the human eye and help the fire crews to execute 360-degree size-ups, overhaul faster, and navigate through structures safely.

“When seconds count, these personal thermal imaging cameras will help save time and lives,” stated NLFPD Lieutenant Tom VanTilburg. “We are very thankful to the New Lenox Fire Foundation for their donation which will help improve our ability to fight fires, search for and rescue victims.”

The new thermal imaging cameras in use at New Lenox FD

The new TICs can detect temperatures from -40 to 626°F and can scan a large area to identify any hazards or those needing rescued in seconds. The LED flashlight attached to the TIC is 300 lumens, which allows the crews to be able to see a little easier through smoke-filled areas.

“We are proud to donatethesestate-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras to ensure the fire district has the most advanced technology available,” stated Tim Hartnell, President of the New Lenox Fire Foundation. “Over the last ten years, the Fire Foundation has donatedover $350,000 in life saving equipment to the fire district through our fundraising efforts which include our Annual Save a Life Raffle, 50/50 raffles at the Triple Play Concerts, Annual Controlled Burn Cook-Off, Pancake Breakfasts, and from special gifts donated from the community.”

For more information on the thermal imaging cameras, please contact the New Lenox Fire Protection District at info@nlfire.com or 815-463-4500. For information on the New Lenox Fire Foundation or their programs, please contact Tim Hartnell at 815-462-0023, or visit www.nlfdfoundation.org.

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