Mailbox Break-Ins Unnerve New Lenox, Illinois Communities


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New Lenox, IL – The New Lenox Post Office has fallen victim to a troubling crime spree that has left the community shaken. 

According to New Lenox Police Department reports of a daring theft at the heart of the town’s postal services. Unknown culprits, under the cover of darkness, targeted the outdoor mailboxes at the New Lenox Post Office sometime after 5:00 PM on Saturday. 

Reports say the perpetrators managed to pry open both mailboxes, raising concerns over the potential compromise of sensitive information. This alarming incident has placed the personal details and financial documents of those who utilized these mailboxes on that fateful evening at risk.

But, shockingly, this is not an isolated event in the region this summer. In July, both Orland Park and Frankfort was rocked by a similar crime with a seemingly routine noise complaint led to a startling of a mutilated drop-off mailbox.

Residents of New Lenox, Frankfort, and Orland Park are now urged to exercise extreme caution and vigilance. Authorities are concerned that personal information and financial documents may have been compromised. In response to this growing threat, affected citizens in all three communities are advised to closely monitor their financial accounts and credit profiles for any signs of fraudulent activity.

To support those who may have fallen victim to identity theft, local police departments are offering identity theft information packets. These resources aim to provide guidance and crucial information on safeguarding personal data and preventing further harm.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Office is actively pursuing leads and potential suspects in all cases.


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