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Manteno collision between Jeep, Motorcycle leads to alleged beating, gunfire

MANTENO – Police in Manteno found a motorcycle and a man covered in blood at a bank drive-thru Monday afternoon.

It happened shortly before 4 pm Monday when reports came into officers of possible shots fired near a bank on Section Line Rd. Upon arriving, officers found a motorcycle turned over in a drive-up lane at the bank with a man covered in blood.

According to the report, the driver of the motorcycle told officers he had entered the bank drive-thru and was hit by a Jeep. Kory Ekhoff, the motorcycle’s driver, reported after being hit, he got up and found the Jeep’s driver, Keith Maddox, had allegedly exited his Jeep and started to beat Ekhoff. Ekhoff reported Maddox allegedly then got back into his Jeep and backed up before beginning to drive towards Ekhoff.  

Ekhoff told officers he thought he was going to be run over, so Ekhoff drew his gun and fired shots into the front of the Jeep. Later another officer pulled Maddox’s Jeep and arrested him on two counts of aggravated battery.  

Ekhoff was cited on two counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm.

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