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Manteno Schools encourage parents to create “Plan B”

Manteno Schools are asking parents who may have selected in-person learning for the upcoming semester to create a “Plan B” in case remote learning is mandated for all students in Illinois.

“Our goal is to offer our students in-person instruction, but we are facing a situation where at any time, this may be out of our control. We want you to be proactive and have a second plan.” The school district said in a statement Wednesday. “Things continue to change daily in the organizations that drive decision-making in Illinois and we do not want to see anyone at a disadvantage if our plan is forced to change. The lack of consistency and last minute changes tell us to prepare for a variety of scenarios.”

The request comes after Chicago Public Schools announced they would go remote learning this fall.  Other major large school districts in the area including Naperville and Plainfield have also chosen to go entirely remote learning for the upcoming fall semester.

The announcement came after the Chicago Teachers Union expressed concerns including a possible strike if safe options were not available.  The Illinois Federation of Teachers have also been pushing for remote learning and even lawsuits or a strike if unhappy with teachers’ working conditions.

School districts across Illinois had already been instructed to allow an option for remote learning to all students back in July. 

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