Midwest Forecast: Dry Conditions and Average Temps in Quad Cities


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Quad Cities, IA/IL – Dry weather is set to dominate the Midwest over the next week, with near-normal temperatures expected for eastern Iowa, northwest Illinois, and northeast Missouri.

According to the US National Weather Service Quad Cities, the forecast indicates mostly dry conditions through the next seven days. Daytime temperatures are predicted to be in the low 80s, while nighttime lows will hover around the low 60s. This trend is anticipated to continue into mid-June, with the region experiencing drier than normal conditions and temperatures close to the seasonal average.

The National Weather Service’s 6-10 day outlook, valid from June 11 to June 15, suggests that the Midwest will remain dry with normal highs and lows. The temperature map shows above-average temperatures in the western United States, while the Midwest will see near-normal conditions. Similarly, the precipitation outlook points to below-normal rainfall for the region, particularly across parts of Illinois and Iowa.

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the pleasant weather, but to remain cautious of the potential for dry spells. This pattern of dry weather is beneficial for outdoor activities and agricultural needs that require consistent conditions. However, it is also crucial to stay updated with any changes in the forecast to ensure safety and preparedness.


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