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More than 25k vaccines given to Veterans since December at Hines VA Hospitals

KANKAKEE – Since December, Hines VA Hospital has administered more than 25,000 vaccines to area veterans.

The organization made the announcement in a press release Tuesday.

“Many Veterans can’t wait to see their grandchildren, children, and fellow Veterans again face-to-face. While Hines staff reminded them of the need to continue to stay safe and wear masks and keep distance, they acknowledged the shot is a ray of hope to ending the pandemic,” said Lorry Luscri, Hines VA Hospital COVID-19 vaccine coordinator. “One 98-year-old Veteran was brought to the clinic by his wife of 75 years and both were looking forward to being able to travel after being vaccinated.”

Hines VA Hospitals first began vaccinating Veterans in mid-December. Veterans can still recieve a vaccine through a Hines VA hospital. To schedule an appointment, call 708-202-2707 or 708-202-7000.

The main facility is open 7 days a week for appointments. Veterans need to be enrolled in health care at Hines or one of its six CBOCs to be eligible for the vaccine. For enrollment information, visit https://www.va.gov/health-care/how-to-apply/.

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