New poll reports Illinois Fair Tax Amendment falling short of 60% approval


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BOURBONNAIS – A new poll by Victory Research, an independent polling company based in Chicago, is reporting the Fair Tax Amendment is falling short of the 60% approval needed by voters to add the Constitutional Amendment.

The Fair Tax Amendment would allow the state to impose higher tax rates on those with higher income levels and lower tax rates on those with lower income  levels. The Amendment needs 60% of voters to vote “yes” on the question in order for it to pass, or a simple majority of the total number of voters.

According to a new poll, the Amendment falls short of the 60% threshold. The Amendment has the support of 55.3% of voters, according to the poll. 41.0% oppose the Amendment and 3.7% are undecided. Of those who already voted (58% of total), the Amendment had the support of 57.2%.

The latest poll was conducted October 29-Nov 1, polling 1208 likely Illinois voters has a margin of error of 2.82%.

Governor JB Pritzker has been a long-time proponent of the Amendment, and he campaigned on the issue during his campaign for Governor in 2018. Support and opposition for the Amendment is closely tied to support and opposition to the Governor.

Voters were asked if Governor Pritzker were on the ballot in 2020 would he deserve another term. 56.4% said yes, slightly more than support for the Amendment but within the margin of error. Of the voters who support Pritzker for a second term, 89.0% support the Amendment. 39.9% said Pritzker does not deserve a second term. Of those 86.0% do not support the Amendment, according to the poll.

The Amendment has the most support in the City of Chicago by a wide margin, with 80.2% in support according to the poll. The Amendment also has the support of more than 60% in suburban Cook County (60.5%). In every other region of the state, the Amendment falls short from a low of 43.8% in Northern Illinois, 35.9% in Southern Illinois, 45.4% in Central Illinois, and 53.4% in the Collar Counties.

The Amendment has broad support among African-American voters (66.9%), but falls short of 60% among both white voters (55.1%) and Latino voters (48.1%) according to the poll. Support for the Amendment varies widely among party lines with Democrats at 84.9%, Independents at 47.0% and Republicans only 16.9%, according to the poll.


  1. Get Pritzker out and vote no for the amendment. Why would a millionaire and his family vote for this. There something hiding in the background if a millionaire wants this to pass. Most likely to hit the middle class and property tax hikes. No wonder people are moving out!!


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