Omaha Weather Forecast: Thunderstorms Expected This Weekend


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Omaha, NE – The National Weather Service predicts a mix of weather conditions for Omaha this week, culminating in thunderstorms over the weekend. Residents can expect clear skies and warm temperatures through Wednesday, providing an ideal start to the week.

According to the National Weather Service Omaha/Valley, Tuesday’s forecast shows mostly sunny conditions with temperatures ranging from 74 to 81 degrees. Wednesday will continue with sunny and breezy weather, as highs reach between 76 and 80 degrees. The calm conditions will start to shift on Thursday, with a 70% chance of thunderstorms beginning in the evening and lasting overnight. Temperatures will range from 70 to 76 degrees.

The weather pattern becomes more unsettled as the weekend approaches. Friday holds a 50% chance of showers and thunderstorms, with highs between 71 and 75 degrees. This trend continues into Saturday, with a 40% chance of evening showers and storms, and temperatures ranging from 76 to 79 degrees. By Sunday, the storm chance decreases slightly to 30%, but temperatures will remain warm, ranging from 81 to 83 degrees.

Residents are advised to stay updated on the weather and prepare for possible storms over the weekend, ensuring safety measures are in place.


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