Orland Park, IL: Safety Tips and Rising Coyote Presence in Local Areas


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Orland Park, IL – The Orland Park Police Animal Control Division has issued an advisory to local residents regarding the increasing presence of coyotes in the area and offered safety tips. According to information from the Urban Coyote Research Project, coyotes have been a part of the Orland Park ecosystem since the late 1970s, utilizing railroad tracks as pathways to the south suburbs of Chicago. The coyote population is on the rise, partly due to the lack of natural predators and the protection offered to them under Illinois state law.

The area’s proximity to Cook County Forest Preserves, open lands, and farm fields provides an ideal habitat for coyotes. Sightings of coyote packs, sometimes numbering up to eight, are not unusual in this region, particularly during their breeding season in February and March. Coyotes typically give birth to litters of five to seven pups in the spring.

Local authorities strongly advise against feeding coyotes and recommend keeping all outdoor garbage cans securely closed. While there have been no recorded coyote attacks on humans in Illinois, these animals are known to target pets. Residents encountering coyotes are advised not to run or turn their backs but to make noise and appear larger to deter the animal. Carrying a cell phone and not leaving pets unattended outside are also recommended safety measures.


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