Peotone prepares to Embrace Backyard Chickens as New Ordinance is Proposed


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PEOTONE, IL – In a move towards embracing sustainable and self-sufficient living, the Village of Peotone is considering a new ordinance that would allow residents to keep chickens within the village limits. The proposal will be voted on at the upcoming Regular Village Board Meeting on Monday, May 22, 2023, at 6:00 PM, held at 208 E. Main Street.

The proposed ordinance, which aims to establish regulations for the licensing, permitting, and keeping of chickens, seeks to promote urban farming and provide residents with the opportunity to raise their own poultry. If approved, Peotone will join a growing number of communities nationwide that have embraced the trend of backyard chicken-keeping.

Supporters argue that raising chickens offers numerous benefits, including a sustainable source of fresh eggs, natural pest control, and educational opportunities for families and children. However, concerns regarding noise, odor, and potential health risks have also been raised.

In addition to the chicken-keeping ordinance, several other agenda items will be discussed during the meeting, including special event permits for the Peotone Chamber of Commerce’s Small Town Sounds Music Event and Exclusive Realtors’ Music Days Event.

Residents interested in participating or voicing their opinions on these matters are encouraged to attend the meeting. The Village of Peotone welcomes public input and encourages engagement from its community members.

For more information and to view the complete meeting agenda, visit the Village of Peotone’s official website.


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