Record O.W.I. Arrests in 2023 by Indiana State Police Highlight Road Safety Concerns


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Northwest Indiana, IN – The Indiana State Police Lowell Post has reported a significant number of Operating While Intoxicated (O.W.I.) arrests for the year 2023. According to the official release, the district’s top ten troopers alone accounted for 594 O.W.I. arrests, contributing to a total exceeding 600 for the year. This high number of arrests highlights a concerning level of impaired driving in the area.

Lt. Terry Gose of the Lowell Post expressed both appreciation for the troopers’ efforts and concern over the high incidence of impaired driving. The department continues to prioritize the removal of impaired drivers from roadways to ensure public safety.

In response to these statistics, the Indiana State Police are urging the public to make responsible choices when consuming alcohol or other substances that impair driving. They recommend using ride-share services, calling a friend or family member, or designating a sober driver. The key message is clear: even buzzed driving is impaired driving.

The report also names the top ten troopers in the Lowell district for O.W.I. arrests in 2023, with Trp. Joshua Luckey leading with 113 arrests, followed closely by Trp. Dennis Griffin with 111. The list is a testament to the focused efforts of these officers in combating impaired driving in Northwest Indiana.


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