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Region 7 hits all-time high Thursday, 7-day positivity now 9.1%

Region's previous high was set on August 31st at 8.8%

KANKAKEE – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) reported Thursday Kankakee County saw daily positivity ratings in the last 24 hours surge to 10.4%. Will County’s daily positivity was at 10.1% Thursday afternoon.  

The new data from IDPH showcased record highs for Region 7 Thursday, with a seven-day rolling rating topping 9% for the first time, now at 9.1%.

Region 7’s previous all-time high was 8.8% set back on August 31st.

Area restaurants and bars are set to close indoor service beginning tomorrow as part of mitigation efforts. Governor Pritzker warned local businesses Wednesday afternoon they could lose their liquor licenses if they do not comply with mitigation tactics.

On Wednesday, the Kankakee County Health Department reported 28 area residents remained hospitalized for COVID related conditions, a number unchanged since Monday.  Region 3 new leads the state with the lowest ICU bed availability with 41 of 171 beds available Thursday, Region 7 was second for fewest available in the state, with 47 of 171 Thursday.

Since Monday, KCHD has reported 150 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kankakee County.  As of Wednesday afternoon, 492 cases remained active locally.

Illinois public health officials announced 4,942 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursdsay, including 44 additional deaths.

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