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Rep. Kinzinger to Trump on Kim: “I prefer him dead and gone. He’s pure evil”

The Congressman's tweet came after Trump said he was ‘glad to see’ Kim was back and well

U.S. State Representative Adam Kinzinger (R) shared his thoughts on Saturday with President Trump via Twitter after Trump said he was “glad to see” Kim Jong Un was back and well.

Kim had been absent from the Communist Country’s state media for three weeks, which brought on questions to his whereabouts.

Rep. Kinzinger is a Military veteran of two decades serving the U.S. Air Force, Special Operations, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air National Guard. He currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in addition to his Congressional duties serving Illinois’ 16th District.

Saturday, North Korean media published new photos of Kim at a fertilizer plant ribbon cutting ceremony, which lead to the Trump tweet.


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