Schaumburg Reflects on the Legacy of Al Larson: Visionary Leader and Advocate for Community, Baseball


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Schaumburg, IL – The Village of Schaumburg is in mourning following the death of its longest-serving and most transformative leader, Al Larson, on March 19, 2024, at 85 years old. 

Serving as Village President from 1987 to 2019, after a 12-year tenure as a trustee, Larson’s 44 years of service were marked by significant developments that shaped the village’s identity and prosperity.

Larson’s visionary leadership led to numerous landmark projects in Schaumburg, with perhaps none more emblematic of his commitment to community enhancement than his instrumental role in bringing professional baseball to the village. According to the Village of Schaumburg, Larson’s efforts were crucial in the establishment of what is now known as Wintrust Field, the home of the Schaumburg Boomers. This achievement not only provided a new source of entertainment and community pride but also reinforced Schaumburg’s status as a regional hub for sports and cultural events.

Under Larson’s guidance, the village saw the revitalization of the Schaumburg Historic District and the founding of the Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary, demonstrating his dedication to preserving Schaumburg’s heritage and natural beauty. His strategic acquisitions, including the Schaumburg Regional Airport and Town Square Shopping Center, spurred significant economic development and contributed to the village’s reputation as a thriving suburban center.

Larson’s support for the arts and community programs, highlighted by the renaming of the Prairie Center to the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts, exemplifies his belief in the value of cultural enrichment for all residents. His leadership extended beyond mere physical developments to foster a sense of community and belonging among Schaumburg’s residents.

Village President Tom Dailly and Village Manager Brian Townsend shared their memories of Larson, describing him as a mentor and visionary whose passion for Schaumburg’s growth knew no bounds. Larson’s legacy, particularly his role in bringing baseball to Schaumburg and his efforts to ensure the village’s continuous improvement, will be cherished by the community for generations to come.

As the village prepares to say goodbye to a beloved leader, the impact of Larson’s contributions to Schaumburg’s development, community life, and spirit of innovation will remain a lasting tribute to his dedicated service.


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